As 2015 gets rolling, I’ve started my own training, started reading about the training of others, and helping those I work with start their training off on the right foot. I’ve started to think of what the future holds for all of us as runners, but in particular I’ve started to get excited about really coaching some people – and excitement I’m hesitant to fully admit to because the last time I got this excited about training/coaching people it didn’t end the way I wanted it to…but it’s a new year & a fresh start and, well, here we go!

I love the little crew we are putting together. As an admitted pro wrestling fan, I’ve always loved the various “factions” that have developed over time. But “faction” sounds like a bunch of troublemakers or co-conspirators working together behind the scenes to do some kind of dastardly deed. Then I remember that they also call these types of groups “stables” where there are a number of goal-oriented, like-minded individuals working together for a common cause. “Stable” is a much better term for us. A stable. A bunch of workhorses and thoroughbreds collectively pulling the weight of training, life, friendship, love, teamwork, success, triumph & tragedy. Interchangeable but equally important cogs in a machine. A family.

This stable, this family, this crew is very important to me. Their success, their improvement, their health, their well-being, their friendship – these things all matter to me. They matter to me because people matter to me. Whether it is my commitment to them or their commitment to training, they matter. Not what team they run for – we run and train with people from all kinds of teams & clubs, including those who fly solo – but why they run, who they are and what they want to achieve. They are important to me because they are reciprocating the care and trust I have for them.

This winter/spring we have some big goals. Reasonable ones, but big goals. To train smarter, not harder. To work together to achieve our goals and to pull each other along when we are dragging/push each other to bigger, better and greater things. To run races indoors (Monmouth, Toms River, NYC & NC, among other places) and to hit the roads in throughout March, April & May with halves & fulls seemingly every weekend. But to get to the change of seasons fully warmed up so we can set the running world on fire this summer, before putting the icing on the cake this fall.

You want a spot? Let’s saddle up and ride!


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