My “FIRST” College Meet…UPDATED!!!

So, some of you might know this…some might not, but I was a sprinter in high school. Well, to be fair, I became a sprinter after starting as a distance runner. I didn’t run anything longer than a mile during track season after my sophomore year, and actually WON State Sectionals in the 400m as a senior before moving on to Rider University. At Rider, my college running career lasted exactly one meet, where I ran a 4×4 leg at Princeton before my career ended unceremoniously. From there, I floundered for a bit, gave up on running, and got fat. Then I became a sprinter again, was briefly fast, then got fat again. Then, I (re)became a distance runner. Which leads me to the present…

I’ve run a lot of races. From the 55 to the marathon, I’ve done it all. I even added the 400h and experimented with the steeple recently. But when I run, it’s pretty local stuff. Open meets, community miles, local 5ks, etc. Other than my two marathons, and the couple of times we went to Vegas for the halves, I stay within myself. Even when we go to masters nationals, etc. it’s not that big of a deal – any of you could come with us, and probably do pretty well! But what I have NEVER done is run in an actual college/non-relay race, and that’s about to happen on Saturday!

This weekend, I am throwing myself to the wolves. Well, maybe the baby wolves. I entered the Lions Invitational at TCNJ in the 1500 for sure, and either the 400h or the 800m. I’m not “worried” per se about placing, because I’ll be in a heat with others around my seed time (except the 400h, where I’ll be the slowest and oldest dude) but I’m worried about not deserving to be there. I’m worried about being the old guy who thinks he can hang. I’m worried I’m not good enough and will look like an idiot. So how do I avoid that?

Run like a 38 year old, not an 18 year old. Proper pacing, smart moves, strong finish, trust my kick. And if it doesn’t go well, figure out why and try again! UPDATE: Due to the long day AND other obligations, I’ll ONLY be running the 1500m. Sorry for those who were hoping to enjoy my 400h skills lol. Next time…


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