Hambletonian Marathon…

Since the summer, my training has fallen under the hashtags #SMP & #HMP for “Secret Marathon Plan” & then “Hambletonian Marathon Plan” once I (un)officially decided to run. I say UNofficially because even though I’ve registered, trained and prepared for the race, I still can’t convince myself that it’s a good idea. Here’s why:

I have only officially run two marathons – Baltimore 2008 in 3:24 & NYC 2010 in 3:28. I also ran the entirety of the Boston course ahead of & with (and then behind) Meghan in 2009, which had me start about 30 mins before the gun on my own, wait for her at 15 and try to run with her to the finish. That didn’t work out so well. That’s a story for another day. But Baltimore was rough; then I trained for two years only for NYC to be WORSE. Needless to say, my self-confidence at 26.2 isn’t exactly sky-high. 

In the interim, I devoted myself to reading up on, learning about and writing training for marathoning. Had lots of ups and downs coaching people to do it,  but also got to help some friends and family achieve some incredible things. From massive PRs, to podium finishes, people I got to help did well. But I still couldn’t commit to doing another race. It actually took me almost all of the 5 years between NYC 2010 and today to even consider doing another – I essentially swore them off for good – and to be honest, this might legitimately be my last one FOR REAL (unless I BQ…)

So why now? Honestly? Four people. Meghan, whose success and prowess at the distance have proven to me that the system “works” & hard work DOES equal success on most occasions. Shanna, who trusted us with her friendship, trusted me with her training, impressed me with her success and whose late father, Bob, I met at the finish line of Hambletonian 2014. Kim, who every day during marathon training (this’ll be her first) essentially did something she’d never done before. Coach Marc, who got me in PR shape for a half LAST fall and whose training has me in the best shape of my life. 

Will it ACTUALLY happen? You’ll have to wait to find out on Sunday. Just know this – I’m only running if I think I’m 100% ready when the gun goes off. And if I do run, I’m going for it – but doing it the right way, unlike when I may have erred in my previous two-ish attempts. 

#HMP #SMP #teamDeCarlo #NJGarminRunners #theRidgewoodProject #trainwithMarc


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